Sitemap - 2022 - Roberts' Green Letter

#23: More reasons don’t give me more reason.

#22: Trying a new way of complimenting people

#21: A thank you to my readers. And, our uncertain future together

#20: The 10 stages of brokeness in the wokeness conversation

#19: “I didn’t do ____ because you never sent me the ____,” and other phrases I avoid

#17: Go ahead, drop your Lion King mask onstage

#16: The conduit is worth more than the cable

Tristan to keynote the mindful Materials Impact Summit – Mon. June 13, Chicago

#15: Building Schrödinger’s wall

#14: If you’re not breaking glass, you’re not making glass.

#13: How and why I'm doing more listening on social equity

#12: What are you drawn to do? (Versus driven to do)

Ep 1: Lindsay Baker - ILFI CEO on learning a new organization

#11: Stop justifying your actions based on money already spent

#10: Give away your best ideas

Letter #09: Start by practicing vibrato

Letter #08: Say good things out loud

Lucky Letter #07: Evolve out in the open

Microdose #δdelta: How I fell for the Afghan “war rugs” scam

Microdose #ɣamma: My nomination for Top-10 green product of the year

Letter #05: How the dairy industry destroyed its own product (Don't be next)

Microdose #βeta: On not-being Mary Lou Retton

Letter #04: Fix today's problem or fix the culture that made it?

Microdose #αlpha: Why you need that vacation

Help Tristan be useful

Letter #03: Where puppy pics go on your timesheet

Letter #02: You can't control Jack.

Letter #01: How blank space can't be controlled

Letter #00: Hold space for zero.

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