Help Tristan be useful

Good morning! I retired Feb. 3 from F/T professional work (details here if you want ‘em).

But I didn’t put my brain on a shelf next to my binder collection. I’ve been trying to stay useful. Roberts’ Green Letter came out of that. Yesterday I posted the mission statement, explained via brand-new-puppy pics.

Here are 4 topics I could write about next. Which would you most want to read, if any?

Please comment below or email!

  • How can I make my project greener without losing my mind? In the midst of shifting demands, dealing with the usual faster-cheaper-better constraints, rising baselines, and uncertainty over priorities (climate? health? justice? Ukraine?). (Think “What’s next in how we think of LEED/LBC/HPDs vs. credit-specific tips from my Mr. LEEDuser days.”)

  • How to improve the perception of your company/org when it comes to hard-to-fake attributes like credibility and being essential. How much are your customers/audience willing to go out of their way to help you? How to minimize accounts receivable and increase retention (w/o manipulation)?

  • Keeping good team members and improving productivity is hard in this labor market. And let’s face it, we’re going to look back in 20 years and wonder how we got anything done under these previously unseen and technologically impossible conditions of stress, anxiety, and always-on, device-addiction. How can you get far more out of yourself and your staff while improving their wellness and job satisfaction?

  • Are you and/your kids and/or your team suffering from ecoanxiety, ecoguilt, ecopsychology, ecological grief, solastalgia, biospheric concern, or just plain anxiety because our world is ending? I’ve researched the literature on breaking the inefficacy-distress cycle and would be happy to report back!

Never have I been more open to your feedback. Your comments may be brief and half-baked, and you may be impolite as long as you’re brief and get fully baked later.

Email me if you like. And if you have $21 to spare, please consider helping our local Windham County Humane Society, which recently confiscated 21 maltreated dogs from a criminal in our community. The Humane Society is spending well over $1,000 each to care for them and could use our help.