From Stage 1: "We like diversity" through Stage 8: "Bigotry comes out swinging in the comments," and more, we explore how the diversity discussion is not working.
When I hear myself saying the following phrases, I realize I’ve not been clear in my thinking.
Other than rare cases of grief or stress, science has not yet found definitive instances of non-human animal suicide. Why would humans be different…
This being COVID times, the breaking of the fourth wall at the Broadway musical involved Shenzi reminding an audience member to mask up during a number.
Again and again, we see that the value of the network is longer-lasting than the value of the specific technology or content inside it.
Dear friends and colleagues, Please join me and all the great collaborators coming together for the historic mindful Materials Impact Summit in Chicago…
If you can't see the stone wall because it dips underwater, is it really there? What if we all gave ourselves more peace about our “productivity” not…
How to welcome the "vulnerability hangover." It's a sign that you're doing something right. Something that only you can do.
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